november 2011

Arizona & Daphne

by Alasdair mclellan.

My New Burberry Duffle Coat

The coat looks just like this one. I am a total happykid right now.And since I unfortunately live in Norway (I deteste the winter), I do at least have a warm coat this year. Last year I wore a win...


Vi lever i vre egne drmmer, sover gjennom faenskapets roMen hvem er det som fordmmer, nr det strmmer av uskyldighetens blodVi kaller oss for fredsstat -- fredsstatMens vi bomber afghanerene ne...

Nick Snider

Want to see more of this guy? I do!


Ph: Terry RichardsonNever liked opposite colors mashed together, however these colors aren't mashed. They're sysemized.
The Girl who Wanted to be God

The Girl who Wanted to be God

16, Oslo

Tall girl + High heels, Long blond hair + long black lashes, Model + Geek, Ateist + Philosopher, Tumblr: