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Survivor from Hiroshima


I want an odd blog

I want a blog that no one comments, but visits every day.

One stone


Sola gir fra seg fire millioner tonn masse hvert sekund. Den vil allikevel leve i fem milliader r til. Energimassen sola gir fra seg er grunnen til at vi lever.


Some kind of nothingness

He was gone before I was born.

Frida Aasen

Norwegian model.

I wanna be like you

The Illusionist

British Vogue Model: Saskia de Brauw

RJ King


One of my favourite fashion shows this season. Love the bright colours, the accessories and the makeup.

Steven Alan spring 2012

Hitoshi Uchida-san


La Chine


My lungs

No more



Jeg er der andre ikke er.


Model: Lindsey Wixson

Oscar de la Renta, pre-fall 2012

Monica Cosac

Flower girl

Daphne Groeneveld Oscar de la Renta

Life of Daph

Bright career, bright eyes, bright smile.

Leech the Pain

Model: Alice Gibb Photographer: Jason Nocito

A Magic World

Vogue Italia January 2008.


What I would wear in the week-ends.


Sara and Ulyana Sergeenko

Rock your way to the top

by Carolina Sundstrm

Shorts are everything

Jason Wu, RTW

faire du vlo

Dancing with fairies


What I want for Christmas

Til Kapitalismen,Til NATO, Til Shell og Til Makten

Hva skjer den dagen lykken slr imot oss? Hva skjer nr pyramiden rives ned? Hva skjer nr undertrykte reiser seg og sloss? Hva skjer nr vi vet det er for sent? Da ryker vres grunnlag bygd ...

Alexander Wang




This Generation

This generation's elite will be stylish, intelligent and determined. Photos from The New York Times Style Magazine.

What Lies Beneath

If I had to choose the one shoot I will remember the very best from 2011, this would be the one. LOVE magazine Issue september 2011. Fashion Editor/Stylist: Katie Grand Hair Stylist: Paul Hanlo...

Real Shit

The look

What does your mind tell you?


Aujourd'hui, c'est samedi le trois Decembre.


Jakob Morton. Half Norwegian, half Italian. Couldn't be better!


Jake Cooper, I love his face and style.

The one and only ...

... party I would attend to in the whole world. Kid Cudi, will you marry me? Eva Mendes and Salma Hayek. Two of my biggest rolemodels. Kanye West, I have spent a whole life listening to hi...


Later today, I am going to watch "Funny Face", a movie with Audrey Hepburn from 1957. Hepburn is playing a girl with a funny and different appearance, a photographer in Paris discovers her after se...

Organic by John Patrick

"I don't even know what a trend is anymore," Organic'sJohn Patrick said with pronounced distaste for the T word. "I think trends have trended out." ( Organic by John Patrick, Ready To We...


Human race has striked again. Luma looks like a caricature of a pretty girl.

New Face: April Kosky

If she wants and works: April can be major. She is 1.83 tall m. Fabulous!

My hair

YesterdayI cut my hair like this. I am pretty happy about it. However, my "former" hair was down to my waist ...And I cut it. I cut it. I cut it. I cut it. Abbey Lee Kershaw for Fendi. This is m...

Arizona & Daphne

by Alasdair mclellan.

My New Burberry Duffle Coat

The coat looks just like this one. I am a total happykid right now.And since I unfortunately live in Norway (I deteste the winter), I do at least have a warm coat this year. Last year I wore a win...


Vi lever i vre egne drmmer, sover gjennom faenskapets roMen hvem er det som fordmmer, nr det strmmer av uskyldighetens blodVi kaller oss for fredsstat -- fredsstatMens vi bomber afghanerene ne...

Nick Snider

Want to see more of this guy? I do!


Ph: Terry RichardsonNever liked opposite colors mashed together, however these colors aren't mashed. They're sysemized.

New Shoes from Michael Kors

Last thursday I bought these babies from Michael Kors, aren't they lovely? And 70% off doesn't hurt either.

Smile like you mean it

Photographer: Chadwick Tyler


A rock girl from Philadelphia, one of the first top models in history and one of the first women to die of AIDS. The dark beauty stood out from what was popular in the 70s, and she became the grea...

Seeking fashion friend!

Decided to start blogging, again. I quit, and I start, and I quit and I start. I miss writing and showing stuff to people who hopefully care. At school most of my friends are boys, I show them pict...

I have started to use TUMBLR

THE BLOG IS CALLED: Philosophy of Couture I hope you will come and visit! Bye,!


Hakaan 'n' Groeneveld

R E V O L // R E B E L

Dog Days Are Over





My inspiration

Without me, it's just AWESO

Ten Heads

Whenever // Wherever

No Words




I want this to be me next summer.

I'm not calling you a thief, just don't steal from me.

I'm not calling you a ghost. Stop hunting me.

I love you so much, I'm gonna let you kill me.

I'm not jealous. You just don't deserve him.

I'm not calling you a liar

Me this summer.

Ms. Foss


Love & Cobain

cut n paste

Rebel without a cause

SYLVESTER ULV I adore his name.



Andrej in Vogue Paris

Hope Love Faith

a gap

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The jacket was OK - Lady Gaga'ish - but the suit underneath... hahahahaha, lolololol Bill Kaulitz (did I write it properly?) has something going on. AND the most positive thing is that his face ...
The Girl who Wanted to be God

The Girl who Wanted to be God

16, Oslo

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