I have not written lots about myself on my own blog, ironic.


Height: 1.79

Eyes:    Blue

Hair:    Long and natural blonde + dye spray in the winter

Favourite female models:    Tanya Dziahileva, Magdalena Frackowiak

Favourite male models:    Paul Boche, Alex H, Baptiste Giabiconi

Favourite New Discovered model:    Dafne Cejas

Favourite designers: Nicolas Ghesquiere and Alexander Wang

Favourite Brand:    Dior Homme, Ann Demeulemeester

Favorite Subjects at school: Art, Sience, Maths

TV:    Friends, Documentaries if I have the energy

My model agency:    Pholk

Interests:    Art, Fashion, Music, Sience

Why my blog is named Revol:  Revol is one of my favourite songs (manic street preachers),  it means revolution.

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